5 Best Scenes In Captain America : Civil War (Spoiler Alert)

By now, I’m pretty sure that most of you have watched the latest addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Iron Man 4 , I mean Avengers: Civil War ….. the Captain America : Civil War. Although I have read some Avengers comics before, I have to admit that I don’t have much knowledge about the Civil War. So the review below is basically based from a point of view of someone who is quite clueless about the story where this film is adapted from.20160504_210043tiUnlike the previous Captain America film, Civil War offers a lighter approach. It is not too serious compare to Winter Soldier but definitely a lot better from its predecessors. The events in Captain America : Civil War took place a year after the Age of Ultron. The government started to realized the dangers that the superheroes can cause in each and every battle they got involved and so the heroes were informed that the United Nations are preparing to pass the so-called Sokovia Accords, which will establish a UN panel to oversee and control the Avengers. Stark and Rogers, however, had a disagreement with this matter. Tony Stark supports oversight because he feels responsible for Ultron’s creation and Sokovia’s destruction, while Rogers has more faith in his own judgment than that of the government. Here are some of my most favorite moments from the film.

  1. Falcon’s Gadgets and Redwing. Honestly, I was never a fan of Falcon until I saw him in his full potential in this film. Unlike the previous film that Sam Wilson was involved, I think this is the only movie that he managed to showcase his full ability more than just the ability to fly using his jetpack. In this film, Falcon features a strengthened suit and a well improved wings that can now deflect and absorbed weapons fire. But what i like the most is the introduction of Redwing.  Unlike in comics Redwing is an actual bird but in this film Redwing is a drone that Falcon can control even from afar.
  2. Winter Soldier Breakout – When Bucky Barnes was caught and brain-washed by Zemo, he went on an outrage. Tony Stark and Black Widow tried their best to stop the raging warrior. One of the insane moments here is when Tony Stark showed off his cool wristwatch and turned it into a gauntlet. Black Panther also showed off what exactly he is capable off!
  3. Spider Man – Possibly one of the greatest revelation in this film is the addition of a new superhero! Spiderman (after all those hilarious memes) finally joined the Avengers. Thanks to Tony Stark who did his research and discover Spidey’s great potential! Surprisingly, Tom Holland gave a perfect justice to the character which can remind you both of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s portrayals. He is one of the characters in this film who provide such great comic relief
  4. The Clash at the Airport – One of the greatest moments in this film is when Team Iron Man and Team Cap started to clash and fight against each other. It was one freaking moment that makes me want to jump out from my chair. Each character showcased the best of their fighting abilities. One of the most surprising highlights is when Ant Man became the Giant man who fought against everyone. As a big fan of Antman, I almost got that teary-eyed moment while watching this scene. It was so epic that I cannot simply move on until now haha.
  5. Captain America and Winter Soldier Vs Iron Man – The reason why this movie can also be considered as the fourth Iron Man film is because of the crucial role that Tony Stark has for this film. The battle between Captain America and the Winter Soldier against Tony Stark is probably one of the most heartbreaking part of the movie. Cap even dropped his shield after Tony claimed that the Shield doesn’t belong to him. Wakanda was briefly shown in the after credits too.


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  1. Red Hoodie says:

    I’m actually #TeamIronMan. That doesnt even change after I saw the movie. Naawa ako kay Tony after nya nalaman na pinatay ni Bucky parents nya. I know Bucky was not on his right mind. But if you have the technical advancement as what Ironman have. I guess, at least I’ll put up a fight to revenge people I lost. It’ll makes me feel better I guess.

  2. small kucing says:

    It’s here but i have yet to watch

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