A Busy Month for Our Legion

November is a very special month for our Patron here in Cavite. Nuestra Señora Dela Soledad De Porta Vaga will have her feast day which will start from the first to the third week of November. As a part of Legion of Mary (a mandated organization that is recognized by the Catholic Church internationally), it is our mission to pay tribute to her. This is also the month when we do a lot of activities and we participate a lot of events including the Novena Mass, Con-celebrated Mass, a series of Procession, and of course the much awaited Karakol (devotional circumambulatory  dancing procession).

Our organization will have a very hectic schedule this week. In fact, tomorrow, we will be participating in a motorcade and on Saturday, we were assigned to attend the grand mass because we were assigned to be the choir for the 10:30 mass.  Yes, surprisingly, i am a member of the Church’s choir even though my voice is not that qualified enough. It just so happened that we do not have enough men in the choir so they asked me to be a part of it but until now, I can’t tell whether my voice belongs to basses or to Tenors. My group usually conduct a practice a day before the event and that is actually enough time for us to know the songs.

Unfortunately, we can’t get enough time because apart from our very busy schedule, the Piano is not working properly either. Some of the keys are not working and we can’t wait any longer since the event will be held tomorrow. We do not have any high end music instruments yet but we are currently working on it. We may not have any good digital mixers yet or any of those necessary musical instrument but I’m sure we’re gonna have them soon. For the mean time, we have to bear with our current piano and make our tomorrow’s performance a blast!

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