A Trip To Baguio : Mines View Park

1111213131After spending some time exploring the Wright Park and the Mansion, we all headed to another interesting attraction in Baguio, the Mines View Park. We were also told by our tour guide that this is the perfect place to buy our pasalubong! Mines View Park is an overlook park on the northeastern outskirts of Baguio.
P2284014TWhile on my way to Mines View Park, I spotted this interesting wood carving in an old pine tree. There is a marker nearby stating that this is one of Baguio’s so-called Veteran Pine. The tree is a 200-year old Benguet pine (already dead and now only serves as a monument). Cordillera woodcarvers have worked together to create this amazing piece of art.P2284020TThe entrance to Mines View Park. As expected, we were welcomed by an overwhelming crowd! It is a park yet it feels like I am exploring a busy wet market.
P2284026TThe Mines View park’s Observation Deck. P2284028TThe observation deck is situated below a winding stone-covered stairway close to the parking area. The crowd is really overwhelming yet I still decided to give it a go and witness the stunning view of the mining town of Itogon and the the Amburayan Valley.P2284015TtP2284019TtP2284024TP2284030TYou can see the abandoned gold and copper mines of the Benguet Corporation from here.P2284031TP2284034TThe views from the other side of the observation deckP2284035TP2284032tOf course, i took this opportunity to grab a selfie. I confidently asked a stranger to take me a picture.P2284036TNot too far from the Observation Deck is this Wishing Well. zcfefefsfI think a trip to Baguio will not be completed without trying out these colorful Igorot Costume. You can rent the costume for just Php20. Since I went here alone, i had to ask another stranger to take me some pictures while wearing the costume.P2284041tP2284044TMines View Park is indeed a perfect place to buy your pasalubong. Not too far from this place is the well known Good Shepherd Convent where you can buy the famous Ube Jam and Strawberry Jam!P2284018TUbe and Strawberry Jams and other delicacies. P2284016TBrooms and other handicraftsP2284023TtBonsai and Cactus plants

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16 thoughts on “A Trip To Baguio : Mines View Park”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Hey Milton! I like the costume you wore. You could pass off as a native. LOL! Yeah that place is nice, Wright Park is away from the city center and when I was there, I stayed in a hotel between the park and Camp John Hay, which I liked.

    The city center I found to be not so nice at all. I was surprised because I could smell the diesel in the air. I had thought being high on a mountain, wind would have blown it away.

  2. kareenliez says:

    I have been seeing a lot of blogs about Baguio which makes me miss the place a lot! I have been to Mines View many times and I always buy some pasalubong here. I can’t forget how clean is their public comfort room. lol

  3. Aika Loraine says:

    i see your photos have changed. less saturation i think? Mines View still is a great place to visit when someone goes to Baguio. Arent there a lot of people when you visited? anyway, whenever I hear Baguio, i always think of Ukay Ukay and night market. hahaha….

  4. Marge Gavan says:

    The first time I went to Mine’s View Park (back in highschool), I got real scared when I looked below hahaha….

    I agree with Aika, the photos have changed, but I like them better now, easier to the eyes.

  5. Sheri says:

    I have never been there, but your pictures make it look so enticing to go. I love that this is like a mini tour guide with information on what to see and expect. I must also say the outfit looks great. How much is Php20 in Euros. It is a great idea to be able to rent, photograph with it and be able to keep that as a memory. I will pin this to my travel board.

    1. Sonnie says:

      PhP 20.00 is less than US 0.50 cents

  6. Sonnie says:

    The photos are a little kinder now to the eyes, you may want to still adjust it a little bit and it’ll be awesome. I pass by Mines View whenever I visit good shepherds to buy their famous halaya/ube

  7. R U S S says:

    I often go to Baguio but have not been to Mine’s View. This is a Baguio attraction that I have yet to see and experience. Php 20 for the Igorot costume is a pretty good deal. It’s something to look forward to.

  8. Missy says:

    Hey I just also came from Baguio over Holy Week! I didn’t get to Mines View this time though. What a cool carving you saw on the way there with an interesting history. The last time I went there, it was just to go shopping. Great that you reminded me of the beautiful views one can find there from the observation deck. Next time I go to Baguio I also gotta try out the Igorot costume!

  9. Georgia says:

    Wow the scenery is incredible, the valley is so beautiful. I agree with other commenters your photos are much easier to enjoy now. Really love the Igorot costume anfd the fact you can rent it to try on, that’s pretty cool.

  10. Klaudia says:

    I so love coming back to your blog ! Your posts are always amazing , the photos are the best ! Keep it up , will be back for lots more , thanks for sharing .

  11. A supposedly “mines view” turn out to be houses view. The Baguio we know is now totally changing everyday. I hope this wouldn’t happen in other part of the region. And its true that is the best part to buy pasalubong. Did u went to good shepherd? Or tried strawberry taho?

  12. I really miss Baguio. That view is fantastic and you look good in their Igorot outfit. I’m sure you had a lot of fun and adventure in Baguio.

  13. Roy Miller says:

    The mountains and mountain views are beautiful. This place looks very interesting. Some very colorful attire as well

  14. Mines View Park is always a must see when in Baguio. The scenery is always spectacular with interesting finds. I just hope that more Filipinos and tourists practice ‘responsible travel’ and ‘leave no trace’ when visiting these beautiful places.

  15. Nicole P says:

    I’ve been coming and going to Baguio for most of my childhood summers, and I recently also went there. I find that Mines View Park has changed drastically for the worse, what with all the people there, and as you said it kinda felt more like a wet market. In my recent trip I found out that another place has a breathtaking view like Mines View, but with a less crowded place. Though you do have to work for it as you have to hike Mt. Jumbo (around 30 minutes drive from baguio as it is in La Trinidad Benguet)… Catching the sunrise there and just basking and lying on the grass while enjoying the view is a better way than Mines View for me.

    Or maybe if tourists had better discipline and seriously practiced the leave no trace rule then Mines View park could be restored to it’s former glory? 🙂

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