A Trip To Binondo : Seng Guan Temple

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After that stomach-fulfilling breakfast at Cafe Mezzanine, our next stop is a well known Chinese temple in Manila. The original plan is to take a calesa ride from Binondo Church to Narra St but since my auntie called and joined us with our trip, we had to take a bigger ride. I contracted a Tricycle driver to take us there. Unlike the typical tricycle, the ones in Binondo are quite big and spacious. He asked Php100 for the ride but my Aunt told me that it’s too much for a short ride. I realized that you can actually walk from Binondo to Narra St since it is not that far. P2073031t
We were welcomed by an overwhelming crowd in front of the temple and there was a lion dance performance too. Seng Guan Temple is one of the well known Chinese temples in Manila and is considered as a major cultural center for the Chinese Filipino community.The temple was named after Venerable Seng Guan (1889-1962), a monk from Fu Kien (Fujian), China, who was active in teaching and organizing work in Southern China, Manila, and Rizal. His work laid the foundations for several institutions, including the Samantabhadra Institute in Santa Cruz, Manila, and the Hwa Chong Buddhist Temple complex in Tugatog, Malabon, Rizal (now Malabon, Metro Manila), where his ashes are enshrined in a stupa.P2073032tThe Seng Guan Temple is considered as one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the Philippines.  It has a beautiful facade with a huge Stupa on top which can easily be noticed from a far. The exterior might look small but it’s surprisingly very spacious inside. I also noticed that the temple is connected to the building in front of it.P2073034tThe temple’s main entrance adorned with Chinese markings and impressive intricate carvings. P2073035tCheck out these intricate carvings outside the temple. P2073038tAs you enter the building, you will be welcomed by two of these stone lions P2073039tand also this golden Buddha on the center. People offers fruits, flowers, incense and more and place it in front of the shrine. 20160207_103511tHere’s another image of a Buddha on the other side!20160207_103258tAgain, you we are greeted by a huge crowd (mostly Chinese) and we are lucky enough to witness a ritual done by a group of Monks (I have read an article that these are monks from Taiwan)20160207_103349tI’m not sure how they called it but this shrine or altar has three golden Buddhas on it. I was really impressed with the details.
20160207_103138tOf course I did my research prior to this trip haha. I came across an article on how to pray in a Buddhist temples telling me that you should grab three pieces of incense sticks, light them up and state your prayer or wishes in front of the Buddhas. I’m not sure if that’s really the right way but I have done it anyway ^_^
ZxcsdsfA huge bowl of ashes where you can place the incense sticks.20160207_103448tYou can grab the incense sticks in this area. I’m not sure the difference between the yellow and the red incense sticks or if there’s any.20160207_103542tOn the left side of the temple you will encounter a huge hall, the Hall of Peace, Love and Tranquility. 20160207_103834t
Hall of Peace, Love and Tranquility20160207_103634tAnother shrine of Buddha
20160207_103748tAnother bowl of ashes which is very identical to what we have seen in Kuang Kong Temple in Kipuja St
20160207_103716tInterestingly, the hall contains huge repository for urns of human ashes. The ashes are placed inside golden container. P2073040tThey got red amulets here. Not sure what these are for.20160207_104454t(me and my brother Mecoy) I have read that they got a huge Buddha statue on the second floor but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to witness it. (maybe on my next Binondo Trip).

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