A Year After Ondoy

One year ago, the world was shocked after the Ondoy hits the Philippines causing a lot of damages and fatalities. It is quite horrifying to remember all that tragic event that left trauma to all Filipino people. We are know paying tribute to the memories of all the victims of Ondoy. Let us offer prayers for their souls and for their families. I hope Ondoy gave us our lesson to become more aware and to become more prepared if ever another Ondoy comes our way. But of course, prayer is a powerful tool that we can use to prevent that tragedy happen again. Our school had a vigil last night aiming to pray for all the victims of Ondoy.

4 thoughts on “A Year After Ondoy”

  1. Webbielady says:

    Blog mo na to Blue? Ang ganda na ah!Such a revonation you did! I did search your blog online and whenI landed here,I was really surpeised!

    1. bluedreamer says:

      Thanks Webbielady… long time no see ha… will drop by to your blog soon

  2. Webbielady says:

    About Ondoy pala, oo nga noh… one year na. Hope the victims are resting peacefully now.

    1. bluedreamer says:

      Indeed… Thanks for dropping by

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