Active in Sport

I’m not an athletic type of guy and I know nothing about sports though i love watching them either on TV or live. Actually when i was in high school, it’s been a dream for me to enter the school’s varsity. I did some try out but they didn’t accept me at all. Maybe because they didn’t see any potential to me so I ended up joining our publication team instead. Okay tease me now! I know I am sort of a loser but I know it’s not too late for me right? And besides, I’m just 22 years old and I’m still fit for these kind of activities right?  It must be a great experience indeed.

I was thinking of joining a Badminton club and I’m just waiting for my friend’s confirmation. Errr, I don’t want to enter the club all by myself you know! My friend is also an inexperienced Badminton player so, somehow, I am confident if I’m with him haha.

Speaking of Sports, how about Golf? It is a sport right? I wonder how exciting it would be if I join any Golf club. I know it’s quite expensive but imagine the thrill and the excitement it could bring especially if they offer something like those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. Should I give it a try too? Why not! For the sake of being active in sport, I’ll do it! LOL

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