American Idol : Impressive Panel of Judges (part 1)

American Idol is back and I am so excited for this season. Well, it is definitely a new thing for me. It opens up new panel of judges and a lot of talented Idol hopefuls. I don’t have my bet yet but I am hoping that this season will break the WGWG (white guy with guitar) syndrome because I never been satisfied with the result for the past 4 years. I am happy for Philip Phillips though and I love his coronation song. Anyway, this new season got an impressive panel. Here’s my personal opinion about them.


Mariah Carey – I am sure she will offer some great contribution to the show and she will definitely leave her comments with SENSE unlike what JLO did during the past two seasons. Come on, she’s a Diva and she’s probably the inspiration of every aspiring singers out there. The show finally made the right decision to hire her. I remember she became a mentor during the Season 8 and she did a great job and I’m sure she will definitely do the same thing especially now that she’s no longer a mentor but one of the judges!

Keith Urban – I am such a big fan of country music and Keith Urban is one of my favorite artists. We all know that the show is known for building up some country artists like Scotty Mccreery and Carrie Underwood and it is very nice to see a Country star in the panel to give a much more sensible comment that Simon Cowell never had (he hates country remember?). Anyway I am looking forward for this guy!

Will post the continuation in my next entry!

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