American Idol : Impressive Panel of Judges (part 2)

Here comes my next post about the impressive panel of judges for American Idol. Well, I am so grateful that they invited Mariah and Keith on the show and they are definitely a great addition to American Idol. Their talent and experience will mold the hopefuls to become a great artist! Anyway, moving forward to the other judges.

PhotobucketNicki Minaj – It came to me by surprise that the show invited Nicki. Well, she famous, she’s sexy but as far as the musicality is concerned, do Nicki has what it takes? Well, at first I am not really in favor about it because I don’t think Nicki deserves it yet. She has made a huge impact but it is not good enough. But after watching Nicki on the show’s first episode, it made me realized that maybe she has the guts. She’s giving sensible opinions (making more sense than Steven Tyler’s short and funny comments). After all, she is a rapper and she knows how to express herself through her songs so maybe she can use that skill to guide the hopefuls.

Randy Jackson – Oh well, Randy is the only judge from the panel who has been there since Season 1. He is the worst compare to Paula and Simon but come on, Idol wouldn’t come this far without him so I guess he still deserves a spot.

I wish Idol will regain their ratings and I wish they will hail the first female winner after Jordin Sparks. Gosh it has been five years and I am tired of this WGWG syndrome thing. Let’s just hope for the best!. Will post more about Idol soon!

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