Asbestosis Causes and Prevention

Have you heard of the disease known as “Asbestosis”? As what the term connotes, it is a respiratory illness that is caused by too much inhalation and retention of Asbestos Fiber.  photo 16084138-woman-with-safety-protection-gas-mask-and-helmet_zps437173f6.jpgInterestingly, this inflamatory medical condition is being tagged as an Occupational lung disease because most of the patient who have Asbestosis are those who are working on the production of products containing asbestos. Most of these jobs are related to some heavy duty production such as mining, manufacturing, and even heavy building construction.  Asbestosis can lead to other fatal illnesses such as Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma.

This is the reason why workers working under such field strictly comply with safety precautions. They are extremely required to wear safety protection and since we are referring to a harmful particle that can be inhaled, wearing respirators is definitely a must! There are different types of respirators that can be used for certain type of works. Some 3m n95 for example are exclusively made to protect you against those oil based aerosol products, others are made for welders while some are created for workers who are always exposed to asbestos. Keep in mind that safety should always be your top priority and you have to make sure that your company offers a health and life insurance for your own good.

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