Asking Questions is not a Sign of Weakness

Remember those silly and funny questions that we used to have when we were kids? We used to ask about everything that we hardly understand or something that we are very confused to. Remember asking your mom about things that are way beyond your thoughts and imagination? The history will surely repeats itself and I bet your kids will definitely ask the same set of questions to you.
Asking questions is not a bad thing! Asking questions has never been a sign of man’s weakness. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid or dull. We ask questions because we are seeking for a clarification for something we don’t understand. Generally speaking, we ask because we simply want to learn. At some point, people ask because they want a concise information or a much detailed explanation. Women may ask why their boyfriends cheat or why their relationship ended  immediately without further consolidation, or how come their boyfriends are not proposing yet despite of their long term relationship. We have to keep in mind that everything has a reason and every question has a valid answer. So if you want to know the reasons men cheat , why not ask them personally or better yet discover it yourself. It maybe your fault as well because you’re not giving him the attention that he wanted from you or maybe he found something discouraging  about you or something like that. We should not jump on a certain conclusion yet without proper basis.

People might end up asking something funny or out of this world questions. Others might throw something silly or non sense too. This may sound funny but have you ever asked yourself “why do boys have nipples?” or “why do girls have periods?” They sound silly but there are scientific explanation behind these questions.

There are simple questions with simple and self-explanatory answers  while there are complicated ones. Questions might go something deeper especially when it involves emotion, there are questions related to academics , and there are unanswered questions that no other science theories can explain and remains a mystery. Nevertheless, more and more questions will arise and people will continuously seek for the answers.

4 thoughts on “Asking Questions is not a Sign of Weakness”

  1. [SK] says:

    haha!! of course everyone asks questions.. there are so many question marks in our mind to be cleared right?? 🙂

  2. [SK] says:

    yeah, i still remember asking silly questions when i was a kid, and adults just replied with silly answers too..

  3. [SK] says:

    actually to adults, there are different ways of answering questions depends on who is the one asking, agree?? :p

  4. [SK] says:

    have a great day and happy blogging to you.. 🙂

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