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Do you love Anime? Well you might want to check out “BECK”, BECK is actually a boy band and they reviving songs and make their own rock rendition. The Band includes Ryusuke Minami who is the brain behind BECK. When he Met Koyuki, he was already fairly well-known in the music scene, having been in a band called Serial Mama. Yuji Sakurai is the band’s drummer and a good friend of Koyuki. Yoshiyuki Taira is the band’s excellent bassist. In fact, he’s so good that Ryusuke made sure to recruit him in the band. Tsunemi Chiba is the band’s lead vocalist and the one who cam up with the band’s name. Yukio Tanaka or also known as Koyuki and the BECK’s guitarist and vocalist.

imagesKoyuki was a shy teenager who had no idea what to do with his life and had very little interest in anything. But rock music changed all that, inspiring him to pursue a music career.! He firt got his hands on the guitar when Ryusuke lend him one. But it was Saitou, his swimming teacher, who taught him how to play it. The first time that he actually played for an audience was when Saitou asked him to be his band’s gutarist at a music festival.

He was the least experirnced member of Beck, but with a little time and practice, he became a very good gutarist. He’s also the group’s vocalist for slower tunes.

Since Koyuki started playing for BECK’ he’s become a hit with the girls.But we hear he’s only got eyes for someone he’s actaually performed with on stage: Maho, Ryusuke’s sister.

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