Blog Idol 2010

it’s been a tradition already to have this game. Let me tell you first that this is not a competition , it is just a game and it
is all for fun. This is how i express my love into music. Blog Idol is 100% all about music where in a participant will pick a song from a certain song category. Every week, we will have a new category and then i will present you all their song entries here in my blog and all you have to do is to vote for the strongest song choice. The blogger who will get the least number of votes will be eliminated from the game.
This Year, it’s going to be more exciting because aside from the real prizes, voters will also have a chance to win the “I am a Certified Blogger” T shirt.

So happy that this site is one of the sponsors.

◘ First, You just need to sign up HERE and provide some info including your name and your blog url. Only the first 12 who signed up will be included in the game.
◘ After completing the 12 participants, each of you will receive a private link that will bring you to your official blog idol page.
◘ What’s with the blog idol Page? The blog idol page contains the list of song categories that will be used for the competition.
◘ What yo do next? You ONLY HAVE TO SUBMIT A TOTAL OF 9 SONG TITLES based on the provided category.
(for example PROVIDED CATEGORY: BEATLES SONG / YOUR SONG ENTRY:(one of the song title you submitted) HEY JUDE!
◘ Again, You Only have to submit 9 song titles to me and That’s It! You’re already done with your part and i will take care of the rest.
◘ this is not a singing competition.

◘ Here’s an illustration of the game to help you.
◘ Everything will be based on the number of votes! The blogger who will get the highest votes will win.
◘ Blogger who will get the least number of votes in a specific week will be eliminated.
◘ How to earn votes? There are 2 way to earn votes: Poll Survey and via Comment
◘ How to earn votes via Poll Survey? I will be placing a poll survey here in my blog where everyone can vote for you. 1 vote = 1 entry for you.
◘How to earn votes via Comment System? It is optional for you to encourage readers to vote for your entry. If a non-participant vote for you via comment (should declared that he/she is voting for you to make the comment a valid entry), you will gain automatically 2 entries ( 1 vote via comment = 2 entries)
◘ Again, the game will be based on the number of votes. there are 2 ways to earn votes : poll survey and via comment.
◘ There will be a scoreboard to help you track your current standing.

◘ Each voter who will leave a comment here will also gain an entry to win the “I AM A CERTIFIED BLOGGER” T shirt.(will explain about the tshirt soon)
◘ I will have a raffle draw the day after the finale. So the more entries the more chances to win the T shirt
◘ How many times a voter can vote? You can vote as many times you want in a week in a maximum of TWO Comments per Day

Blog Idol = 30 usd
Top 2 = 10 usd
Idol Commenter = T-shirt

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