Bonding with Mecoy Part 2

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Before heading to  Mang Inasal, Mecoy and I decided to walk around first and see if we can at least buy something. Well, guess what, we ended up hitting the “Toy Kingdom” and yeah we are indeed a child at heart. Funny but we are actually pretending that we are not too excited to see those newly released toys especially when I saw the complete Lego Star Wars set. The Toy Kingdom in MOA offers some great attractions including these life size statues of Marvel Superheroes. Apart from the heroes, you can see some notable characters too including Optimus Prime and some Disney Characters.

After heading to Toy Kingdom, we also went to Comic Alley and spent some time watching the Ice Skating ring. It was very tiring but very fulfilling at the same time. We decided to go to Mang Inasal afterwards.
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