Cavite City Zoo Trip Part 2

This post is the continuation of my previous entry about our Cavite City Zoo trip. Okay so I think we ended up with birds right? Yes, there are indeed plenty of birds out there and I can hardly tell their species actually except for this picture below. Ostrich is truly one of a kind.

PhotobucketThey got a bunch of Ostriches here and they also showed us their huge incubators containing their giant eggs. I wonder how does an Ostrich Egg tastes like. Oh and how many calories they have haha.

PhotobucketOkay, here’s a closer look. Warning! These birds are quite aggressive huh. I don’t know but maybe they are being mistreated by some visitors here.

PhotobucketFew cages away, you’ll meet this two Wild Boars. I don’t find them quite exciting. They’re almost like pigs except for being black and furry.

PhotobucketOkay, probably the most exciting animal here in Cavite Zoo is no other than “Felipe”. Yup, they named him Felipe which was based from the well known composer of our National Item which happened to be a Caviteño.

PhotobucketCloser look to Felipe. He didn’t growl that much. Cavite City Zoo has a great potential if an only our City official will enhance their facilities to make it more inviting. Hope you had fun guys!

I’m going to have another series of Travel post soon. We’re heading to Kamay Ni Hesus (Hands of Jesus) in Lucban Quezon.

5 thoughts on “Cavite City Zoo Trip Part 2”

  1. [SK] says:

    woot!! non stop blogging right now huh?? catching up with what you've been deprived with?? haha~~ 😀

  2. [SK] says:

    but hey, am i the only person to be commenting here?? seems like no one else is doing so.. you did not promote this blog well?? hehe~~

  3. [SK] says:

    ooopsss, sorry, i just saw Alice Law.. hehehe!! i actually find this blog of yours is much more interesting than the Top 5 blog.. cos it's more personal.. 🙂

  4. [SK] says:

    i think the cage for Felipe is rather small right, it seems there is not enough space for him to move around..

  5. [SK] says:

    looking forward to your travel post, show us more about Philippines!! 🙂

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