Christmas Wish List

We’re just few months away from the much awaited Holiday and I bet you guys are already preparing for this coming occasion. Last year’s celebration was indeed a blast for me and I would like to make it more special this year. My father and I were never been in good terms for the past five years and I thank God that he touches my heart and convinces me to forgive him and to forget everything i hate about him. Right now, we’re all doing great and this is probably the greatest Christmas I will ever have.

Of course, part of my preparation is make my own list of gifts. I have to admit that I messed up last year because I forgot to buy some items for my relatives so I ended up with last minute shopping which is truly stressing and tiring. I have to make sure that I will buy all the items ahead of time. I was thinking of buying my dad a box of imported tobaccos but I am not sure yet which brand should I take. I might go and search the web to read some reliable cigar reviews online. I am not really sure which criteria should I consider in buying tobacco cigarettes so I guess it would be nice to read some reviews or better yet ask some recommendations from my friends.

Anyway, I am not yet done with my list and I must complete it before November ends. Yikes. Have a great day guys and happy blogging to all.

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