Come What May

Come what may. This is the exact thing that I am thinking right now after filing my resignation letter. I love my job to be honest and I really don’t want to leave the company. I was valued here and I feel like they’re all appreciating my efforts. Assigning me as an OIC after my fifth month of stay, is such a great experience and achievement for me. However, i have to put an end to it because of so many reasons. I only have 9 days left to render and it hurts me so much especially now that I found great friends. I don’t know what path to take next but I know God will always be here to guide me . Oh well, I guess, that would beee a great time for me to have a come back here in the blogosphere and I am also planning to start an online business soon. In fact, I’m preparing myself for it and I signed myself for a workshop to learn more about that craft. I will definitely buzz more about it soon.

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