Cosmania 2012 : Dealers Hall

This is the third part of my Cosmania post series. After passing through the hallway, we decided to enter the Dealers Hall to see what does it has to offer. If you missed my previous entries, you can read my posts here ( Introduction to Cosmania 2012 , Cosmania 2012: Hallway Part 1, Hallway Part 2 )

The Dealers Hall is basically prepared for the event’s major sponsors and other partners. It was like a bazaar exclusively made for anime and cosplay lovers. From Gundam, Cosplay wigs, stuff toys and other anime related items. Name it! You can find them all here.


(From Left to Right) A. Plushies ; B. Metal Key Chains ; C. Action Figures; D. Personalized T-Shirts; E. Gundams ; F. Nendoroids. A lot of contests were held as well by the sponsors. Auction is also one of the event’s highlights.


That’s all for our Dealers Hall post. We’re now about to enter the Main Stage and I’m going to post it on my next entry. Have fun!

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