Dalitiwan Resort In Majayjay Laguna

After visiting Lucban and the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine, we were all supposed to visit the famous Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna to conclude our tour but there was a sudden change of plan. I was not aware informed that we will hit a resort instead. Since it was not part of our initial plan, we came unprepared and we got no extra clothes to wear. Luckily, we spotted an Ukay-Ukay shop in Lucban so we took a chance to buy some comfy clothes we can use haha.
Dilitiwan Resort was actually not our first choice. We were supposed to visit the Taytay Falls in Majayjay but we somehow lost our way and the Waze took us somewhere else. Good thing we came across the Dilitiwan Resort (also in Majayjay), otherwise we could have wasted more time locating where the Taytay falls is. It was not a bad choice actually. Dalitiwan Resort is surprisingly amazing and absolutely worth visiting.

Dalitiwan Resort offers both man-made and natural pools with water coming directly from the cold springs of mount Banahaw. The entrance fee for Dalitawan is Php90 for adults and Php80 for kids while different fees are applied for overnight stays.


We are greatly welcomed by some luscious green scenery. You would not even think that some parts of this resort are man made! The water was also extremely cold I must say! It’s all natural! You can either swim on their long man made pool where most of their cottages are located or you can bathe on the natural pools along with those boulders of different sizes and shapes.
How about this natural jacuzzi?
IMG_2292ttI am not sure if the rocks are naturally aligned that way but they are ideally located to minimize the water current. You can also spot mini water falls too which serve as one of the most interesting highlights of this resort in Majayjay.

The mini waterfalls of Dalitiwan may not be that marvelous compare to the other well known falls in Laguna but if you are just look for a nice and relaxing atmosphere where you can bring your friends and family, Dalitiwan resort is truly recommended. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss that relaxing back massage on their mini falls!
This small dam is undeniably an Instagram-worthy spot! It is also interesting to note that aside from the Nipa-hut cottages, the resort offers a variety of accommodations which will vary not just in terms of capacity but also with the range of other features that the visitors can get. Room rates will range from 2400 to 3500php. The Casa Franco for an instance is worth 3500Php, It is complete with living amenities, kitchen, 2 beds, a private pool area and a parking lot.
Other attraction includes a hanging bridge!
IMG_2490tThere is also a spot dedicated for souvenirs and swimming gears. If you like, there’s also a place there where you can have henna tattoo!

My mom and her best friend enjoying the falls in Dalitiwan!

The water is just hip to waist-high deep but there are rocks everywhere so you still need to be very cautious with your steps and if you are planning to bring kids, make sure that they are accompanied by adults as there are still areas where water current are still strong.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting The Dalitiwan Resort In Majayjay, Laguna
►Dalitiwan Resort is located in Brgy Ilayang Banga, Majayjay Laguna
►The Entrance fee to Dalitiwan Resort : Adults (Php90)/ Kids (Php80)/ Senior (Php70)
►Overnight Rates : Adults (Php160) / Kids (Php150) / Senior (Php130) [Kids = 4ft and below)
►Cottages Rate : Huts beside pool (Php600) / Others (Php500)
►Corkage Fee – Php150 / case
►Room Rates – Ranging from Php2500 (4pax) to Php3600 (9pax)
►Operating Hours : Day Tour -6am to 6pm / Overnight : 2pm to 12nn (following day)
►River is only open for swimming from 6am to 6pm

How to Get to Dalitiwan Resort
►If you are coming from Manila, simply ride a transit bus bound to Sta Cruz/Calamba (there are bus terminals in Cubao -HM Transport Buses) and in Buendia (GreenStar Transit).
►After dropping off to Santa Cruz, ride a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off to Majayjay Jeep terminal. From there, ride another trike and ask the driver to take you to Dalitiwan resort.

Where to Stay in Laguna
There are many great places to visit in Laguna. The place alone is abundant with so many natural wonders like falls and mountains. If you are willing to extend your stay and explore more of Laguna. You need to find a great accommodation. You can check the list of hotels and other cheap accommodations in Laguna here.

*The prices above may change without prior notice

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