Do You Take Dietary Supplements?

Have you ever consider taking a dietary supplement? Ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I started to become more conscious with my health and take all the possible precautionary measures to keep my health in good condition. Aside from including exercise and a balanced diet on my daily routine, I started taking dietary supplements (mostly organic) along with my daily medications. As much as I want to take those alternative medicines including those herbal supplements alone, i am still required to take real meds to keep my blood sugar level in control.

Right now, I settled myself with Vitamin C along with other Herbal concoctions my mom used to make. Few days ago, I got this Organic Powdered juice drink from my auntie. It’s made from synergistic combination of fruits and Green super foods. They called it Buah Merah mix (where Buah means Red and Merah means fruit).P1232423tThis powdered drink includes a mixture of Buah Merah (a fruit that can only be found in Papua New Guinea), Mangosteen, Barley, Moringa (Malunggay), Wheat Grass and Guayabano. These fruits and herbs are known to fight various illnesses and are proven to improve the body’s immune system. P1232424tI am not sure yet how effective this organic supplement will work for me but I am willing to give this a try and see how well my body will improve. Of course, I still have to pair it with regular exercise and balanced diet and also take it along with my daily meds. Speaking of daily meds, a friend of mine gave me an advice to look for a supplement to keep my liver in good condition. As you all know taking meds will make our liver work ten times harder because one of its main function is to break down all the substances we intake, thus, those who took meds in daily basis should find ways to keep their liver healthy and I guess taking a supplement will be one of the greatest and most effective options. Unfortunately, many unreliable medical companies are taking advantage of this situation. Some are selling imitation products which is quite alarming too. I actually prefer looking for meds online through well trusted pharmaceutical sites. The thing about these supplements is that they are usually expensive but if you are lucky enough you can get the opportunity to avail items at discounts especially during the weekly sales at Supplement Edge and other notable pharmaceutical sites. Generally, taking dietary supplements whether organic or not is not bad at all but you have to keep in mind that these are not meant to replace your daily meds. Most of these are made to boost your immune system which could be very helpful when you are battling with illnesses. 

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