Emotional Breakdown

I can say now that I was able to recover enough from a huge emotional breakdown due to what happened to me for the past months. I will be lying to you guys if I say that I never felt any fear after a series of health problems that I had. I got bitten by our puppy 3 weeks ago who is not yet vaccinated which made me paranoid, thinking that I probably have a rabies and my days are about to end. Yes! I am a coward especially when it comes to my health. I’m not the type of guy who used to got sick frequently but if I do, it would be something serious in a way that i need to be hospitalized. Anyway, to make the story short, because of thinking about that silly small bite, i drowned myself into so much stress and depression. I came to a point that I can’t even sleep or eat. For all you know, if you got bitten by a puppy, you have to visit the doctor immediately for immediate medication to prevent the possible rabies from spreading. I need to have 4 Anti-rabies shot and 1 Anti-tetanus shot to add more protection and to enhance my immune system. I had my Anti-tetanus shot and my first anti-rabies shot the day I got bitten. Then I was scheduled for another shot 3 days after my first injection. Then another one after a week. The last injection will be held next week but I was informed by my doctor that I am now safe from rabies because the fact that our puppy is still alive and the fact that he managed to live during the 2 weeks incubation period without any changes in his behavior is a sign that our dog is not infected with rabies yet.

I am indeed free from rabies but because of such heavy emotional breakdown that I had, something went wrong to my digestive track. I was diagnosed to have an IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome in which I can hardly tell whether I am experiencing an extreme diarrhea or constipation because I’m encountering both. They said that IBS is not curable and the only way to get rid of it is too avoid stressing myself so much. I decided to balance my diet, replacing coffee and soft drinks to pure herbal tea, eat more fibers and more. I eat more sweets too because they somehow makes me feel happy and forget all my personal issues. I bought a lot of candies and store them in my room so that whenever I feel down, i will just pick one to manage my emotion. There’s a scientific study stating that apart from chocolates, candies may slacken the stress too. I, myself, can prove how effective it is. I probably need a Party Candy package for a better result and to expedite the process of relieving my stress. I was advised to take a therapy to keep myself away from depression and that is something I am looking forward to.

3 thoughts on “Emotional Breakdown”

  1. [SK] says:

    oh, i hope you are better now.. yes, i think you are paranoid and giving yourself too much pressure over little things..

  2. [SK] says:

    you should have learned to be more optimistic and relax yourself.. like what you did with all the candies and chocolates, hehe 🙂

  3. [SK] says:

    or perhaps come to my blog, read all those naughty and funny comments by the joker readers, they could make your day and get rid of your blues and stress away~~ 🙂

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