Exploring Ilocos : Paoay Sand Dunes

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After spending some time with Paoay Church (Check: Paoay Church), we headed to another interesting location in Paoay, the Sand dunes! Although La Paz Sand Dunes is more popular in Ilocos, the Sand Dunes in Paoay is equally stunning! The place is perfect for adventure seekers as there are many activities here that a tourist can do that requires some sort of stamina and energy. This includes 4 X 4 rough ride and sand boarding!.
IMG_0778tUnfortunately, I wasn’t able to try any of this activities when we get there. First, most members of our group are elderly so they are not really suitable for such extreme rides and second, we only have limited time to spend. So basically, we went there merely just for sight seeing and to marvel the beauty of this place. There are many sand dunes in Ilocos including La Paz in Laoag, Suba in Paoay and also in Pasiquin. Of all the sand dunes, those is Paoay are probably the most popular because these are the places where some popular movies were being shot including the famous “Himala” by Nora Aunor and Panday. The desert like atmosphere offered by this place makes it an ideal setting for action and fantasy movies. In our case we went to Onse Reef.

Since I cannot do much, i decided to spend my little time taking some photos and embracing the beauty of this place!
IMG_0771tOnce arrived, you’ll spot an overwhelming amount of 4×4 rides. Each ATV can accommodate a maximum of person with a package tour amounting to Php2500 which is inclusive of the ride, the driver fee and also the use of sandboard.

A 4 X 4 ATV driver unloaded his passengers and is now preparing for the next batch. Too bad I was not able to experience this ride but at least it gives me another great reason to go back to Ilocos right?

Some of the 4×4 units of Off Road & Sandboarding Adventure

Located beside the sand dune is the pristine blue water of Suba beach which makes this place a lot more picture-worthy!
20170429_102937tPeople waiting for their respective turns

I wasn’t able to enjoy out trip top Paoay Sand dunes in full extent but there’s definitely another time to go back and I’ll make sure to include the 4×4 rides and sandboarding activities on top of my list!

Things You Should Know When Visiting Paoay Sand Dunes
►The rate for a 4×4 Jeep ride will cost Php2000 to 2500 for a 1 hour ride (depends on the number of passengers)
►The rate could go lower as Php1000- Php1500 for a 30 minute long ride
►Both package tours mentioned above comes with sandboard which can be used unlimitedly
►ATV rides could be rented for Php 800 to Php2000 per head
►I’m not sure about the sandboarding rates but upon doing research, you can rent the sandboard for Php20-50
►Take note that rides will not provide harness or any safety gears (even helmets)
►Those with medical problems are not allowed to take a ride including newly operated, those with hypertension and more
►Kids below 10 years old are not allowed either.
►Each passenger should sign a waiver prior to the ride.
►It could be extremely hot so make sure you arm yourself with water and sunblock

Where to Stay In Ilocos
►A day is actually not enough to explore the entire Ilocos Norte. Paoay Sand dunes and other notable destinations in Paoay are just few of the most interesting places to visit in Ilocos Norte. You can check this list of affordable hotels in Ilocos Norte and check which one will suit your needs and your budget!

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