Exploring Yexel’s Toy Museum (Las Piñas) PART 2 : More Action Figures And Life-Size Statues #YexelToyMuseum


Here comes the second part of my post about Yexel Museum. Yexel’s Toy Museum is a 4 story building filled with an extensive and overwhelming amount of toy collection owned by Mr Yexel Sebastian. We have explored some of the action figures displayed on the ground floor of the Museum (Check the first part of my post here) and we are going to explore more. I also included some of the life size statues that you can find on the ground floor. Let’s start shall we!20150814_151048t20150814_151057t20150814_151131tMore Minions on display20150814_151725t20150814_151802tIf you are abig fan of One Piece, they got an overwhelming collection of One Piece related action figures in this museum. They got these mini bust figures too!20150814_151904tPerona (One Piece) 20150814_151920tJewelry Bonney (One Piece)20150814_151940tDracule Mihawk20150814_152136tLife-size statue of Uzumaki Naruto, Son Goku and ChopperIMG_0053tOn the other side is another set of life-size statues of Detective Conan, Fujiko, Lupin III and Detective ZenigataP8141647tBefore you reach the second floor, you will pass through a couple of narrow hallways. You will also encounter an overwhelming amount of action figures from random anime, cartoons and video games. I noticed that Yexel has a huge collection of Lupin III (he must be a huge fan)20150814_153235tLupin III20150814_152722tSailor Moon20150814_152747tL (Death Note)20150814_152800tA collection of Mask Rider Helmets 20150814_152819tAzuka Langley (Evangelion)20150814_152841tDark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh)20150814_152900tVash The Stampede (Trigun)20150814_152908tSakura Haruno (Naruto)20150814_153024tRoronoa Zoro (One Piece)20150814_153104tGon Freecs (Hunter X Hunter)20150814_153118ttTrafalgar Law (One Piece)P8141646tA life-size statue of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before ChristmasP8141643A life size statue of a character from Miracle Giants Dome-kun20150814_153257tUssop One Piece20150814_153308tMs Wednesday (One Piece)20150814_153340tMonkey D Luffy (One Piece)IMG_0107Life size statues of different Mecha from Different anime (Gundam, Mazinger Z, Tetsujin 28-go to name a few. IMG_0120Cobra and Cyborg 009 Action figuresIMG_0126Chibi SlumDunk figuresIMG_0127SlumDunk Figures20150814_153454tDisney Princesses in their younger version20150814_154314tLife size figures of the Incredibles20150814_154349tPlants Vs Zombies20150814_154823tA life size figure of Lightning McQueen20150814_154616tCan You find Nemo on this posterIMG_0090tSexy Sadi (One Piece)IMG_0093More One Piece figuresIMG_0140Transformers (Optimus Prime)IMG_0141MegatronIMG_0144Sora (Kingdom Hearts)IMG_0145UrsulaP8141654Life size Patrick Star

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6 thoughts on “Exploring Yexel’s Toy Museum (Las Piñas) PART 2 : More Action Figures And Life-Size Statues #YexelToyMuseum”

  1. Twilight Man says:

    Yo! Happy New Year! Mabuhay!

    I enjoyed looking at the figurines as I didn;t know many names after seeing them in Japan. I only recognized Naruto.

  2. Lux says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit this museum pero walang gustong sumama sakin.
    Happy 2016!

  3. small kucing says:

    Happy New Year, Bluedreamer.

    I see sailormoon there. I used to watch that when i was young

  4. Agnes says:

    wow..So much to see there, it’s kids kingdom but the adults will like them too.

  5. [SK] says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, hope you had a great new year’s day, and most importantly a wonderful and exciting New Year 2016 ahead!!

    more Minions, hahaha!! i love them.. but there are also a lot of Japanese anime characters that I cannot recognise, ooopsss!!! :p

  6. Mark Joshua says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! He’s really a great collector.

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