Fun Activities During The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016

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The Hare and Hound Balloon Flight took only around 30 minutes and after that, there is nothing much left to watch in that field since the next balloon flight (it’s actually followed by paragliding exhibition, skydiving and kite flying competition). In addition to that, the heat is simply unbearable and since we do not bring our personal tent (yes they are allowed here), we had to find a new place. We also decided to take an early lunch that time.20160214_081532_Richtone(HDR)t
Interestingly, aside from the hot air balloon flights, there are so many booths and other fun activities you can do during your visit to the festival. There are too many things to explore and most aviation enthusiasts will find it so engaging as the event features various aircrafts and other PAF-related exhibits.20160214_081547_Richtone(HDR)t

This people find a spot to relax! Thanks to these Nesfruta inflatables haha. After taking our lunch, we decided to participate in some activities including the Horseback Riding. 20160214_081838_Richtone(HDR)t
The horseback riding will cost Php100 per two rounds. 20160214_082018_Richtone(HDR)t
My sister gave it a try. According to them, these horses were transported from Baguio just for this event.20160214_082028_Richtone(HDR)t

My sister on her first horseback ride!20160214_081813_Richtone(HDR)tThere was Oculus Archery booth too20160214_081709_Richtone(HDR)tGiant inflatable playground for kids and kids at heart!20160214_083930tIt is really ideal to bring your own tent for this event especially if you are planning to stay here until the Night Glow.20160214_084727tCar exhibition is also part of the event and another interesting attraction here are the drift cars on display!20160214_084743tThis shiny chromed drift cars are from Autocraft Drift team of Pampanga20160214_100718t20160214_100759t20160214_100824tSegway Philippines also got they own booth in this event!20160214_082939tPeople flying colorful kites is just a normal site during the event. Some shops are even offerin free kite workshops20160214_083358t20160214_083802t20160214_083754t20160214_071313_Richtone(HDR)tOf course who should not leave this place without buying any of these colorful souvenirs20160214_071401_Richtone(HDR)t20160214_071330_Richtone(HDR)t20160214_093840tSince I only slept two hours before heading to Pampanga, I was so tired and exhausted but good thing we found an unoccupied booth and I was able to take a power nap hahaha My sister took this photo. She told me I was snoring so loud and you can see my mouth widely opened. She tried to wake me up several times because I’m embarrassing her haha…

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