Do you agree that most men today are more generous whenever they offer gifts for their special someone? Well i guess most men are aware of the fact that most women love generous men. Well for me, this is the way a man shows his love to a woman. We all know that not all guys tend to be so showy about their feelings and in order to express their love, they show their generosity to their woman.

We usually wire this Generosity with money and other material things but we have to keep in mind that there are so many ways to express generosity to a woman without dealing with any material stuffs. Remember that you can always be generous with time, attention and communication as well.  But since i mentioned something about the money, for me, gifts should always not be so expensive just to impress the girl that you love. Let say you’re courting a girl and you’re desperately looking for the best birthday gifts for her just to get her approval, then why don’t you offer gifts that are inexpensive yet very special. Chocolates and Flowers might be very common but they are very effective still and most women appreciate these gifts than anything else. You can also make personalized birthday cards. I know it may sounds cheesy but for a girl who values thoughts more than any material things, it really means a lot.

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