Glee’s “A Night To Neglect” Episode

After almost a month of waiting, Glee is set to air its 39th episode entitled “A Night To Neglect”. It is said that the New Directions headed by Will Schuester will attempt to help fundraise for a fellow underdog school club. When Sue Sylvester discovered about this, She started to assemble and form a group in which she called “Legion of Doom” to stop Will and the rest of the New Direction kids. Legion of Doom members include Terri (the exwife of Will), Danny (The former Glee club director and Dustin Goolsby, the director of Vocal Adrenaline.

What makes me so excited about this upcoming episode is the come back of our very own Charise. She will portray the role of Sunshine Corazon again. She will be singing “All by Myself” of Celine Dion. Well, that means another powerful ballad from Charice. Episode 17 is scheduled to air on April 19. So excited about this. By the way, here are some photos taken from the web. A sneak peak to Glee’s A Night to Neglect episode.

Tina Will sing Lykke Li’s I Follow the River

Finn, Quinn and Rachel

The League of Doom. Terri Schuester, Dustin Goolsby and Danny.

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