He’s into Engineering

My cousin is current taking BS in ECE (Electronics Communication Engineering). He is now on his third year and he just have to finish two more years before graduating. Time is really running so fast and it seems like it was just yesterday when I was playing with him with his toys and now, we are both busy in our own respective fields and taking them as a matured man. I was lucky enough to have time yesterday to visit him and we had some small talks about his current course.

I am not really into engineering and I never would have wanted to see myself in such field but I am always amazed on how great and innovative their courses are. My cousin informed me that they will be having another project this coming semester in which they will be required to make their own amplifier. It sounds really cool indeed but it looks complicated at the same time. During our conversation, he used to mention a lot of terms that are so jargon to me. I remember him searching for some weird-looking spare parts online or maybe it looks weird to me because I am not so aware about them.

He also told me that he is currently looking for some Reid Supply materials for his project. I may not have any idea about his work or any of these engineering stuff that he does but I find them all fascinating and I am so excited to see his next project. At some point, seeing my cousin so matured makes me feel that I am not really getting any younger. Yikes!

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