How to Prevent your PC from Overheating

For the past years, I have been so stressed by the non-stop problems with my computer. Being an online writer, having a stable Internet connection is a must but having a good running computer is also something more important. In my case, my computer has been giving me so much trouble recently. At first I thought, i just had a corrupted system and reformatting it could be the answer. Unfortunately, the technician told me that my hard drive is the one causing this issue and so I bought a new one. After running for like three to four months, my pc is starting to give me some headache. The screen turns black after every half an hour of using it. I decided to bring it to my technician only to find out that it isa motherboard issue. The temperature went too high causing it to overheat. It actually left me no choice but to buy a new one and after doing some research to prevent my pc from overheating, I did the following steps below.
 photo GEDC2393_zpse4310d53.jpg

Place it Near the Concrete – The first thing I did is to place my System Unit Case near a cemented wall and I placed it on the floor too. Concrete walls tend to get cold easier.

Improve your PC’s Ventilation – From one fan (the main CPU fan), i decided to improve my pc’s ventilation by adding three more side fans including a big one shown above.

Adding Silica Gel – It is actually not to prevent overheating but it is done to prevent the parts from rusting which is also one of the root causes of major PC problems.

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