Improving Your Kid’s Appetite

Is your kid a picky Eater like our Milzon? Do they used to refuse their meals and in order for them to eat, you are forced to buy them what they want even the fact that we know that it is unhealthy for them? Well, i came across a column from a Health Magazine which tells some ways on how to improve your child’s appetite. They said that kids should have meals on a regular schedule and you should be serving the food in small helpings.

Serving the same kind of food everyday can bore them so better vary the food you serve. Add more excitement by paying particular attention to food preparation and presentation for extra appeal. Try making “Bento”, A Japanese style of presenting foods. Here’s a sample. (grabbed it online)

I’m sure kids will love to eat this kind of foods that are presented this way. It is also important not to force your kid to eat if he does not feel like eating. He’ll eat when he’s hungry. Never scold your child during the mealtime and do not stress table manners with your kids. Good table manners will develop later after the child acquires a better attitude toward food.

Limit carbonated drinks, candies and snacks in-between meals. A child can be hungry only when he has eaten 2 hours before the principal meal. Set the example with good family habits. Parents and child should eat together as much as possible. Do mention your own food preferences. Maintain pleasant table conversation. Also give your child vitamins regularly. Vitamins help to increase appetite and stimulate growth and energy.

By the way, Milzon and I are planning to make Bento this week. Will share it to you soon

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  1. marikoy says:

    That's something I should remember to do to my kids later. I'm a picky eater, so I won't be surprised if my kids will be too. 😀

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