Insane Car Collections At History Con 2016

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Live History, Feel History, See History! The first and absolutely one of a kind convention was recently held here in Manila. History Channel Asia just had their very first History Convention and we are very lucky that they have chosen Philippines as their venue! It is basically a four day event (held from August 25-28) which features exciting exhibits , interactive experiences, on ground activities, contests and of course, special celebrities from History channel including Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens.
History Con is not just about History Channel alone, they are really aiming to make history as they tried to break three world records including the longest tv marathon and the largest serving of mushroom dish. Over 50,000 people attended the said convention and considering that it was their first in the country, the amount of attendees are truly overwhelming.

One of the greatest highlights of the events are the huge collection of cars and vehicles on display. I think the exhibit of cars were done to promote one of their new shows, the Celebrity Car Wars, a reality series that features a great ensemble of celebrities and expert racers including Bobby Tonelli, Allan Wu, Andrea Fonseka, Joey Mead King, KC Montero, Marc Nelson, Piyawak Kempetch, Michele Bumgarner, Gaby Dela Merced and Alex Yoong. In fact, these cars occupied most of the exhibitors area and so I decided to put them all in a separate entry.

It is very interesting to note that my online job is about cars so even though I don’t know how to drive, I am somehow exposed in such matter. The first thing that took my attention are these muscle cars! It’s very rare to see American Muscle cars here in our country so these cars truly blown my mind!
IMG_0765tThese classic cars were brought by Classic Speed Restorations. They are specializing restoration of 1960s classic cars.
This immensely beautiful car is a classic Ford Mustang.IMG_0768tThe classic Ford Mustang is sitting next to another striking classic car, the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.IMG_0767tI love how they restore all the details and the classic emblems and badges into it!
IMG_0776tThis custom built Piaggo Ape D600 is quite eye catching too!IMG_0777tHow about this sharp-looking Toyota Land Cruiser from Atoy CustomsIMG_0780tALS Marine also showcased some of their new vehicles! IMG_0782tA Cool looking YAMAHA Wave Runner! IMG_0784tSea Eagle Inflatable Rubber BoatIMG_0787tALS Boat (273 Enduro)IMG_0791t1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL with Hardtop Convertible. This car is owned by Ildefonso Boy TronquedIMG_0794tThe Mercedes BadgeIMG_0796tAn Audi Car from Car Porn Racing sitting in striking Red Chrome wheels!IMG_0801tCar Porn Racing’s Porsche 911 with its Accuair Suspension kitIMG_0802tThe Accuair Suspension kitIMG_0804tA Porsche Car from Alex RestorationIMG_0807tA Chevy Pickup TruckIMG_0810tBaic M20 Compact MPV car
IMG_0815tLamborghini IMG_0848tWho wouldn’t recognize this insane Mazda RX7 from Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift brought by VeilSide.IMG_0849hThis Volkswagen Beetle is also a crowd pleaser!IMG_0850tIMG_0891tA vintage 1968 British Lambretta ScooterIMG_0888tA well restored 1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible from Alfred’s Motor Works and Car RestorationIMG_0890tA Classic Volkswagen busIMG_0886tA 1955 Sarao Jeepney also in display!

There were three presidential cars and a bunch of Vintage cars on display too but I will share them all in my next entry

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