Keeping my Stress Away!

Waaah! You guys do not have any idea how stressing my day is. My boss gave me tons of assignment to do and all of them should be submitted before Monday. I really don’t know what to do now and I just can’t say “NO” to him since there’s no one else can do this job other than me. Well, this sounds like I’ll be off from the Internet for awhile until I’m done with all of these pending tasks. I don’t want to disappoint my boss and instead of complaining, i should be more grateful for all the trust that my employer is giving me. I should face everything professionally and prove to them that i really deserved to be in this position.

Anyway, I will hit the mall later so maybe I’ll grab that opportunity to buy some bath salts. I used to add them  in my bath to make me feel more relaxed. It has this therapeutic effect that keep all my stress away. So once i got home, i will definitely take some bath  to wash away all these pressure and stress inside me before proceeding to my work again. Wish me luck guys. Will be back soon!

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