Kids Dressed Up For Halloween!!!

PA312690tIt’s been a yearly tradition for our Barangay to organize a Halloween costume contest for kids. Kids were encouraged to dressed up their favorite characters. They can either make themselves creepy by dressing up as monsters, zombies, ghouls and more or they could just dress up as their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters and more. Take note that this is more than just a party but a competition. There were judges and real prizes too and that’s why these kids put so much effort with their costumes. PA312691tI’m not sure for the exact count but there were so many participants this year. Interestingly, I was initially invited to be part of the judging team but unfortunately, I have other commitments to do but I made sure not to miss this wonderful Halloween event. Costumes were so amazingly done (kudos to their parents who brought out their creativity and artistic side for their kids). If I was one of the judges, it is quite hard to pick out the winners.
PA312692tWitches, Ghouls and Vampires are the most commonly used characters in every Halloween party and it is not really surprising to see a lot of kids wearing such costumes in this event. Here’s my niece(far right) with her friends.PA312694tI personally like this Anabelle-inspired costume! This cute little girl definitely nailed it. Her cuteness was just overwhelming!PA312700tThis kid is wearing a simple costume yet the makeup makes him stands out. With blood effect and broken pieces of glass (I think they used a plastic bottle) scattered around his face and shoulder, it is impossible for him not to get your attention!PA3126871This kid wore the same costume last year but it never failed to impress me. The guts effect is quite convincing!PA3126881A bloody prisoner? Why not! PA312695tHunchback ghoul slash witch slash zombie! This kid nailed it all and not to mention that he is truly in character!
PA312698tHe actually won the first place! Cheers! PA312702tOur Barangay captain Mrs Bernadette Alfaro awarding the winners. All kids received a handful amount of treats too!

6 thoughts on “Kids Dressed Up For Halloween!!!”

  1. [SK] says:

    very nice photo shots of those kids dressing up for Halloween, they (and their parents) must have made great efforts on the costumes and makeups i bet..

    anyway, Halloween is still not a big thing over here.. only lately that some shopping malls or places put on little Halloween decorations, we rarely see people dressing up for the event.. 🙂

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thanks SK, yes parents gave too much efforts for this hehe

  2. small kucing says:

    gosh…their make-up quite scary….

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      indeed small kucing.

  3. Jonathan says:

    How I wish Halloween is not celebrated among children just because of the gruesome images it entails. Creative it may seem but it is nothing but a grown up idea of dressing up.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      I agree with you Sir Jo… i guess it’s quite hard for us to change it kasi it’s been a tradition na and it’s pretty hard to break it… but guess what… catholic schools are encouraging their students to dress up as saints instead

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