Killing The Chicken (the Native Locals Way)

Forgive me if you find this post quite disgusting and offensive at some point. Have you ever killed a chicken? We used to see them in the market in a clean and ready-to-cook meat but have you ever tried killing one and pluck all its feathers one by one? Personally, I haven’t done it for myself but my Uncle did several times in front of me. For those who are living in the province, this kind of scene is somehow typical. They raise their own chickens and they are also the one cooking them for their meals.The picture below is actually not the type of Chicken that is usually served in out table. It is a rooster which was killed after losing a cockfight. Yes, this is their brutal fate when they got severely injured in a fight. So sad but true. Anyway, here’s a couple of picture of my Uncle and the chicken.
 photo 425091_3843153850653_1557351800_n_zps8f995269.jpg

He started to slash the neck first which is something I din’t dare to watch. Yikes.
 photo 562940_3843154290664_1934398412_n_zpsdc664244.jpg


All the feathers were almost plucked. They ended up making two different dishes with this chicken including the Chicken Adobo and Tinola. Rooster’s meat, however, is not so tender as the typical ones but the taste is pretty strong.

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