Mecoy At 25!!

It’s been a very busy week for me. We just had a Pilgrimage Tour in Batangas ( I will post about this soon) and also my brother Melvin aka Mecoy celebrated his 25th birthday! I’m not sure if you are all aware with him but he is once an active blogger but his schedule was swallowed by his work so he never got a chance to update his blog since then. Anyway, my brother and I were actually not in good terms for the past few months and NO, this is not because of those occasional unusual debates we had haha. It’s just a cold war due to some misunderstandings.. you know those common sibling wars we used to have. We try not to talk and if I need something from him, i will just approach my sister or my mom to ask him in my behalf. I want to end that gap but I don’t have enough courage yet and I can’t think of a better time other than his upcoming birthday and I decided to give him a surprise.
P7260710With the help of my mom, we give him a littler celebration and a Panda-inspired cake. There’s only two person I know who is somewhat obsessed with panda, it’s either my Brother Mecoy or Foongpc hehe.

20150725_125208 I’m happy that we’re okay now and we’re back to normal! Again, Happy birthday my brother and I wish all the best for you! Err. you should go back to blogging too!

4 thoughts on “Mecoy At 25!!”

  1. [SK] says:

    first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MELVIN!! may he had a blessed and also a blasted birthday celebration.. and of course, back to blogging like you mentioned, haha..

    hmmm, i was surprised you were not in good terms with him, because all these while i have always thought both of you are indeed very closed to each other.. but i guess it’s not uncommon too to have that kind of brotherly “cold war” huh?? as long as it did not affect your brotherhood, it’s actually normal but i guess it won’t be long.. probably after the “cold war”, you both understand each other more and getting along even closer than ever.. 🙂

    it’s great that you took the first move to break the ice.. and he must be very happy with the beautiful cake that his brother bought especially for him, must be feeling lots of love huh?? and i must say, that is indeed a very beautiful cake, it’s blue!! just like bluedreamer, hahaha~~ :p

  2. Jonathan says:

    I know your brother and he used to visit my blog and vice versa until he left the world of blogging. I was about to meet him two years ago as well when I finally had the courage to meet bloggers but when he was told, it was already too late, nakauwi na siya, ha,ha,ha!

    Happy birthday to Mecoy and even his FB is deactivated. Blogging brothers eh!

  3. kat says:

    What a lovely surprise… I have met Mecoy in several occasions 🙂

    Very timid and quiet in person.

    Hopefully, I get to meet in you person too! Send my warm hugs to Mecoy and my wish of a Happy Birthday 🙂

    It’s good to know that you two are getting along way better than before. Super nice cake too! I wonder how much energy it took to destroy that cutee cake. hehehe

  4. Twilight Man says:

    Happy Birthday Melvin. Wish him all the best of health and success in his career. Hope he returns to blogging soon.

    I always believe that when we have a good time management, we will be able to do anything and carry out any tasks including scale the mountains. So no excuses as no time for blogs other than one has lost his drive and interests. It is just like when there is a will, there is a way.

    Yes all siblings often have conflicts and that’s due to ignorance and ego of individuals. I also had conflicts with my 2 older siblings but we still talk with a drawn line in between.

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