Mirasol as Mei Mizaki

Finally, I went down to my last entry. I’m sorry guys but I really have to turn down my future posts because they are too late to be posted in this blog and I am really really disappointed for myself. Anyway, I would like to end this Cosplay entry with a blast, featuring nothing more but my younger sister, who happens to be a cosplayer now. She got fascinated by this event and she’s so much willing to attend the other Cosplay events in the future and I am really looking forward to it.

PhotobucketAnyway, my sister cosplayed an anime character named Mei Mizaki. I am really not familiar with her at first until I have watched the real Anime. Mei Misaki is one of the main protagonists of Another. She was labeled by her classmates as “the one that does not exist.” Mei has both a red right eye and a green left doll’s eye. Mei possesses a very quiet and solitary personality at first, telling Kouichi to stay away from her, but as time goes on, she becomes accustomed to his presence and doesn’t seem to mind having him around. In contrast to her typically taciturn behavior, she also has a childish side.  She has short, black, chin-length hair with long bangs and a ghostly complexion. Mei wears the school’s standard uniform. Her left eye is covered by an eye patch and her right eye is red. (source of info : http://another.wikia.com/wiki/Mei_Misaki)


Mirasol came up with a last minute decision to join the cosplay and so we were left unprepared and we had to rush ourselves to find her clothes that could match up with her desired character. We brought a pair of wigs but failed to match her perfectly. We borrowed a long sleeve dress from my auntie and bought her a skirt, a pair of long black socks and a school shoes. She matched it well with her old porcelain doll that we got from my auntie as well. Everything was rushed but I ‘m happy that we managed to dress her up well to make her look more like Mei Mizaki. It went great and satisfying. Now she’s planning to attend another cosplay event next year and she would like to portray Shizuku from Hunter x Hunter. Another challenge indeed

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