Mongo on Friday?

MonggoAre you fond of eating Mongo on Friday? I’m not sure but it’s more like a tradition already that every household cooks Mongo on Friday. Well, we cook mongo meal every Friday, paired with fish in vinegar and ginger. My mom cooks it. She would first boil the beans then when it is soft, she would saute it in garlic, onion tomato and shrimp paste. Then add the mongo beans and let it simmer, add some water in it and let it boil then add some malunggay leaves. We sometimes put ampalaya (bitter gourd) on it. We add pork sometimes or my mom will put Chicharon to add more meaty flavor to eat. Just like what i said, the sauteed Mongo will not be completed without its side dish which is either fried fish or pork. So Are you guys planning to have Mongo tomorrow?

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