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PhotobucketMy cousin is a great guitarist and my auntie is a great singer and even though they both have these amazing skills, none of them is professional or perhaps they decided to be that way. Nevertheless, it is really fascinating to see how talented they are and I accepted the fact that being a musician could never be in my veins haha.

Anyway, Ichan (my cousin) invited me last weekend to drop by and watch some new anime together when I found these three cool guitars that he has. It is really impressive to see how he manage to learn all of these instrument. Well, I can only play the basic guitar chords using the rhythm guitar but other than that, I am pretty hopeless. He actually taught me the basic but I don’t think I can go any further than that. Anyway, Ichan knows how to play the rhythm guitar almost perfectly and he can even compose his own songs or play a music even without referring to any music sheets.

Apart from that, he knows how to play a lead guitar and so as the bass guitar in which he is currently hooked right now. I wish I have a skill like that or better yet I am a prodigy like him but I’m sure God gave me a talent that I am about to discover pretty soon. Anyway, I advised him to make his own studio at home instead of visiting or renting a studio every time that he wishes to practice. He can purchase a great Vox AC30 at Musicians friend and install a nice audio system in one closed room especially now that he also has a Casio Organ and he is planning to buy a drum set. Yikes, he is a music enthusiast indeed and I am really happy for him.

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