My First AsiaPOP Comicon Experience [Video Summary] #APCC2016

20160828_142650Finally! I was able to make it! Last year was a big hit and I am glad that AsiaPOP Comicon Manila was back for another year and I really had a blast. AsiaPOP Comicon Manila is now consider as one of the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in the Philippines.  It is all about everything actually! The event features a list of high profile Hollywood and International celebrities, a line up of amazing Pinoy and International artists, cosplayers, otakus and social media influencers! There was an overwhelming amount of worth-seeing exhibits too! I am going to have a detailed post about this convention soon but for the mean time, feel free to watch my video summary below which includes the conversation with Nicholas Hoult and the concert of Hiroshi Kitadani!

5 thoughts on “My First AsiaPOP Comicon Experience [Video Summary] #APCC2016”

  1. Stargazer says:

    So many cool stuff! I am really a fan of conventions and I am glad to see you have the same interest. I am really envious that most of the neat stuff are more accessible in Manila than where I am. 🙁

  2. Carola says:

    I love this! Comic cons are my life haha. Your video is great! Fun to also see the ‘don’t open, dead inside’ from the Walking Dead. I saw some great merch and also great cosplayers. I looked on the website and saw Claire Holt was a guest. Love that. She’s awesome in the Vampire Diaries. Did you meet any of the actors / actresses?

  3. I missed this convention. I’m sure my co-blogger would love to see those light saber displays. By the way, what does the FightSaber Philippines do? Are they an association of the Philippines or are they just organized for the event itself? Comic conventions have gone a long way from before. I can still recall we used to go there and I would costrip. I also even made a school paper out of it :)) Oooh… I also love the Lego and Ironman display. Nicolas Hoult, whoa! Warm Bodies and Beast of X-Men. He’s so British.

  4. Shocks!!! Swerte mo naka attend ka. Super super gusto ko pumunta dito kaso nagkasakit ung kasama ko. Andaming mga nag costume ang galing 🙂 Good for you naka attend ka and witnessed this 🙂

  5. Sonnie says:

    I often hear about comicons, even though I want to go and check it out, I don’t have the time 🙁

    If time permits in the future, would love to go to Netflix’s booth to check release of the latest season of my fave series.

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