My Mom is a Bag Lover

 photo 1005396_640613279332594_1616839770_n_zpsb44aede2.jpgHere’s a photo of my mom taken few weeks ago as we treat her to one of her favorite restaurants. She was actually so proud to showcase her bag as it is new and it is given to her by my younger brother a day before her birthday. Anyway, I really don’t know why women are so addicted to either bags or shoes or maybe because I am putting myself in a point of view of a man. They said that women desires bag a lot because it makes them become a unique outward statement of a woman status. It makes them look fashion savvy and it also signifies a social independence of their respective owners. No wonder why my mom are so into it and in fact, she is aiming to add more into her growing collection of designer bags. Oh well, as far as the prices are concerned, I can’t deny the fact that they are truly expensive but according to my mom, having them is such a rewarding experience and makes them proud of themselves. But of course, you have to make sure that you buy these bags to those legit sellers or shops to prevent yourself from those deceiving imitations.


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