My New 20 Peso Bill

I finally got my very first New 20 Peso bill haha. I’ve been aiming for this bill ever since it was released. However, I didn’t get any chance and I do not have that courage to visit the local bank near our place just to exchange my bills to these newly designed ones. Sounds funny, but i think i’m going to keep this one as my souvenir haha. I don’t feel like using it as of this moment. Judging the bill by its new appearance, it seems like a play money to me haha. They are not as colorful as before and the image on the back is quite boring to look at. I feel like i would rather purchase those customized coins than collecting these silly looking bills haha Or maybe i’m not just used to it. They said that the old bills will take 4 years before vanishing from the circulation. So it seems that i will be dealing with my old bills for awhile. Don’t yah think, i should keep some old bills with me? Must be a great remembrance right?

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