My Passion in Working

It’s been two years now that I am working as a freelancer and I am happy for everything that is happening in my career. I am so lucky enough to be hired by well trusted employer who values their employees so much regardless of their position whether a full time worker or a freelancer like me. I started working since I was 17 and I actually decided to focus more on working rather than continuing my education to college which is something I really regret. For someone who is not carrying a degree, applying for a job is like competing against giants in a battle. Working for almost eight years actually yielded me so well. I gained so much experiences from different jobs and I actually remember myself working in a fast food chain before (my very first job). Competing against other applicants is not that easy because you really have to showcase yourself to the HR people to prove that you are truly worthy to the position you are applying for. To be honest, I am really dedicated to any of my work regardless of what my job description is and I am so lucky enough that most of my efforts are being recognized by my companies. I actually get a lot of certificates from doing my job wholeheartedly.
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Receiving such compliments are truly overwhelming and makes me more motivated to do my job more than what I should offer. Since I am now a freelancer who works online, my job is usually done at home but I’m still missing those years where I have to work t my own office and doing all those paper works again. I may not have a degree right now but my experiences are actually good enough to showcase myself and to prove my dedication. After all, job application nowadays is not really that hard unlike before where I have to travel from one place to another just to give them my resume without any assurance of being hired at all. We can now rely online through those online recruiting companies whether you are looking for graduate jobs in recruitment or any jobs that will suit either your educational attainment or experiences. It is nice to have these kind of job portals that connects employers and applicants in a very convenient way. Well, wish me luck!

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