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So I just came across this blog of Ms Veeyah Penero of The Indy Miss where she posted an entry about those weird stuffs she found while navigating Etsy. This is a site where people can buy or sell handmade or vintage items. Most of the time, you’ll encounter handmade accessories made from various materials. This actually reminds me of my old hobby! I used to make handmade crafts from Polymer clay and I badly missed doing it! Unfortunately, i do not have enough time for this yet and I already lost my Electric Oven and my Pasta Maker (and so as my other materials) so basically I have to start again from the very scratch. So now, allow me to share my previous creations. Most of these are MTOs (Made to order).557009_4195179611077_290929942_nt
A pair of CardCaptor Sakura Key Necklace308149_4193146440249_1443683558_ntThese are Kyogen Mask Keychains as requested by my customer. I find them so eerie though534251_4195170690854_235626144_nt
Ichigo Kurusaki’s Hallow Mask and Swords (From Bleach anime)301420_4195214611952_867487460_ntHere’s one of my Mini Bottle Art… it’s quite hard yet really fun to make!425164_10200352751854712_148467034_ntThere are ref magnets I made for my blogger friends! P8250884tA DSLR Camera Keychain76520_4229543590155_213420585_nt

Chibi heads inspired from DragonNest Multiplayer Game23901_4229531389850_248011807_ntA Batman Head with a Name tag keychain
430043_4297217081950_1220014286_ntStarbucks Inspired Clay CharmscollagetClaire Redfield Action Figure andJoker Head Charms185041_4297292883845_1006688308_ntA Guitar Keychain I made for my cousin as birthday gift!10277431_10202801952563199_6435810378183712591_ntAnother action figure inspired from another Multiplayer Game.
I badly miss doing these stuffs and I think I should bring this hobby (and sort of business) back! I need a brand new Electric Oven though. Polymer Clay can be used like your typical modeling oil-based clay except that it is entirely made of a different material ( non-oil based) and when heated, this clay will solidify and will be hardened like toys! You can made action figures, charms, accessories, and a whole lot more and all you need is to be creative enough to come up with your own designs!

17 thoughts on “My Polymer Clay Creations”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Those are cute little weird stuff! LOL. Being as creative as you are, you have forced me to appreciate it (in a good way.) I tend to ignore stuff like this.

    I think it is also the focus. Instead of yet one of those little thingies you ignore, by focusing on them, I have to admit, they are really nice.

  2. Agnes says:

    you are so creative.

  3. Subha natarajan says:

    These are reallly cute and adorable..keep up the good work..

  4. mommymadz says:

    I love the camera keychain.I want to learn doing this.Is it difficult? A friend of mine ussd to do this as an online business.

  5. Wow, those are tiny stuff but you were able to make the details! Great job!

  6. H.Evans says:

    Those are really cool.I have a ton of clay creations on my Pinterest just waiting to be molded.Thanks for reminding me I need to create!

  7. Veeyah says:

    Ito na! Hahah, I didn’t expect you’d actually link to my blog, so thanks! 😀 I love anything Cardcaptor Sakura – ang cute nung necklace! This is one of my favorite art mediums! Nothing beats the feeling of creating something traditionally and giving everything you’ve got to make sure it comes out right. One mistake could ruin everything, diba? hehe. Cool talaga! Ang galing mo!

  8. Alison says:

    Really interesting! You are very creative! I like the Batman one. It is amazing how you can make things out of simple ordinary tools.

  9. So cute! You are really talented. I bet it takes hours to do these! Great job! 🙂

  10. I want those little cutie clay creations!! I want The Starbucks one!

  11. Karen says:

    You have gifted hands! You can earn from this hobby, seriously. Your creations have given me an idea on what to giveaway for my daughter’s upcoming 7th birthday. Will try to surf on Etsy.

  12. Jin Cyrn says:

    Very cute! I wonder where’d you get your polymer clays.

  13. Jonathan says:

    I wanted to learn this from you. Perhaps one day when I visit the country and you are free, a session will do? Like the art works, very inspiring!

  14. Dunja says:

    So lovely! i like the little bottle art, camera and starbucks keychains 🙂

  15. Jhanz says:

    These are all really good! How I wish I was as creative as you are!

  16. Leah says:

    Cute little thingies! I enjoy butingtingins! Maybe you should offer a workshop on how-to-create these?

  17. Aika Loraine says:

    ohhh. you shold get back on doing cute!i like the starbucks keychain. Planner enthusiasts like me order these blings and we attach it on our planner. hope youll find time doing it again.

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