No, Not Again!!!

I just mentioned it to my previous post that I will never be that Loner guy again but it seems that I just can’t leave the baggage behind that easily. My depression strikes again but I just can’t help but to bear with it. If I only knew how to overcome this feeling I will certainly do my best to get rid of it. I don’t know, for some reason, i felt like I was out of place every time I’m with my colleagues. Maybe because I am quite insecure. They are all holding a degree and I’m not. I have nothing to show off other than my working experience which is not good enough to be very proud of.


And to prove that I am a loner, see this isolated area in our company? Haha this is where I usually stay during the vacant hours except for lunch because I am usually with my colleagues in the pantry. I don’t know but i feel much comfortable when I am in quiet place alone. Anyway, good thing, this cup of coffee is showing me some love ^_^

3 thoughts on “No, Not Again!!!”

  1. torry says:

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  2. mabelle says:

    bro, d ka nag iisa. ganyan din ako noong nag wowork ako. sabi pa nga nang iba i have my world w/a friend who mine who also happened to have her own world. pag wala sya, alone lang ako. pag wala ako alone din sya. ganyan din ako ever since bata pa ako. yong mapili sa friend. d naman yan sa degree bro. at saka mabuti na din yan at least iwas sa chismis 🙂 hehe. delikado din pag midyo super friendly pero madami naman kontra d ba?

    sa akin before if meron lalapit sa akin at makipagfriend, eh kakausapin ko din. but not me na magmimix sa group lalo pag socialite or something kc low profile ako.

    so ayon kanya2x lang tripping bro. madalas din akong madidepress for no reason at all. but it's part of life. slight depression lang naman. yong ano ba tawag, pag tinutopak ako so ayon, magdidepress-depressan beauty ko hehehe. tho the truth is i don't have a good PR…and i am very shy. pero pagmero kakausap sa akin madal2x din ako. yong ano lang d ako marunong maki-mingle sa ibang tao, lalo pag medyo pa-class2x ang dating. hehe.

    nwys, oks lang yan bro 😉

  3. Raffy says:

    pareho tayo dati

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