Pain And Joy

Being a breadwinner could be painful and enjoying at the same time. Painful in a way that sometimes, you have to deprive yourself from spending money and buy things for yourself because you need to think first of your family. They are your top priority. You are responsible for paying the bills, supporting them financially, saving your money for their future needs and forgetting all the personal stuffs and matters.

Dad suffered from stroke last 2001. Half of his body has been paralyzed. He got so much improvement because of the continuous medication and therapies.  Though because of his condition, he is unable to continue his work now and as a result, me as the eldest will take his part as my responsibility. Good thing dad has this social security disability pension every month that help them lot financially.

But of all these sacrifices, I never felt regrets and i never felt bad to them. Being a breadwinner gave me so much enjoyment too.Enjoyment in a way that i am happy if i see them happy. I felt so good every time they appreciate my deeds and how much they show they love me. With all that, all my sacrifices are being paid off. I love my family and i will always do my best to support them.

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  1. marikoy says:

    The other day, an old classmate of mine was complaining on facebook about being the breadwinner in his family. Not that he hated it, but that he had been working so hard for 11 years, tapos kahit college grads na mga kapatid niya, eh asa pa rin sa kanya. Nasanay, nasobrahan. Kawawa naman siya. Wag naman sanang maging ganun din sa case mo. 🙂

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