Prevention is Better than Cure

Are you familiar with the saying “Prevention is Better than Cure?” We usually relate this quote in some health related issues but it is actually applicable when it comes to plumbing problems too. But of course in a different way. Preventing leaky pipes from getting worst is indeed much better than paying bigger repair fees for bigger problems because of ignoring such issues.

Are you going to contact a Plumber if the issue gotten worst already? Nope, that’s not how it should be. We should already contact a plumber once you saw any signs of plumbing problems.

Just like in our Bathroom for example, If there’s a stinky smell coming out from nowhere no matter how frequent clean the bathroom, then there must be something wrong with the drainage system and has to be fixed immediately to prevent it from getting worst

If the water pressure from the faucet is quite low, then there must be a blockage preventing the water to flow  and again, it has to be fix immediately.

We might not have the skill to repair those plumbing problems but we can do something to prevent the situation from getting worst simply by becoming observant.

Any plumbing problems whether it is a minor or major issue, should not be ignored to prevent ourselves from expensive repairs.

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