Regada Water Festival 2016


After weeks of short blogging hiatus , I am finally back!  Here comes an overdue post about the most recent festival here in my hometown! Regada Water Festival is seemingly starting to make name and is now being recognized in other parts of the country. Regada is one of the most festive events in Cavite City and is being celebrated annually in honor of St John The Baptist.IMG_0074tTracing its roots, Regada Water Festival is relatively new. The festival started in 1996 during the term of the late mayor Tim Encarnacion. The festival is often being compared to San Juan Batangas’ Wattah Wattah Festival which started during the term of Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada (1969). The term Wattah Wattah however just came up in early 2000 during the term of JV Ejercito. Although both Fiesta shares a lot of similarities including the date and the way the event is being celebrated, Regada is special on its own way. The term itself (it came from a Spanish word “Regar” which means “to water or the sprinkle”) make this festival a lot more distinctive from the famous water festival of Batangas.IMG_0075tOne of the most interesting highlights of this two-week celebration is the “Basayawan” where they close the street and install sprinklers. The event currently hold the longest sprinkler installation in the country which reaches up to 1 kilometer. 13548822_489568307905020_981714425_otAside from the water sprinklers and water splashing activities (where people armed themselves with water guns ) the main event has a lot of interesting activities to offer.  You’ll find activity booths from one end to another. You’ll get a chance to listen to different bands performing, you can also participate with various contests and more. 13548868_489567384571779_1279469987_otThis guy in his flamboyant costume is one of the participants in Regada’s costume contest!13555576_489567414571776_1524882539_otCreativity and resourcefulness at its finest!13570108_489566961238488_1598674578_otThis one can go unnoticed!13570040_489567421238442_1728329771_otHow about this colorful costume? You can really tell how much effort they offered just to come up with such flamboyant costumes right? 13555663_489568394571678_1227000703_ot13556020_489567651238419_268633850_otMuch like the previous celebrations, there were street dancing competitions which involves different representatives from different schools and baranggay!IMG_0089tIMG_0091tAs expected, people gathered on the event area and the crowd was simply overwhelming!IMG_0093tSprinklers in action!IMG_0087tYou’ll find waterguns for sale almost ever where and if you are on a tight budget, you can avail water-filled plastic bags for just a peso or two!IMG_0085tAside from the Sprinklers, you can also find fire trucks splashing overwhelming amount of water to people!IMG_0080tJust look at these kids having a blast!13588970_489568417905009_78023940_otMy brother armed himself with his own watergun!13588836_489566484571869_1719179156_otPeople cheering and begging the firemen to splash more water to them!13582349_489565661238618_1590887180_ot13582326_489566631238521_745981953_otFiretrucks splashing water generously to people!13570340_489566574571860_58763029_ot13555682_489565601238624_18606421_otMe and my family had so much blast this year! 13555771_489566607905190_506504904_otAnd I bet this kid too!13549313_489566844571833_2032572876_otAnother activity that took my attention is the Skimboarding competition!13570370_489565597905291_707580680_otIt was indeed a great Regada festival this year! Not to mention their celebrity guests that added more hype including Maria Ozawa and Gloc-9!

18 thoughts on “Regada Water Festival 2016”

  1. I didn’t know a water festival exists in Cavite! Or any town for that matter. Maybe it should be marketed like Songkran of Thailand.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Everyone looks like they are having such a fun time! It is awesome that there are all those sprinklers!

  3. Oh that’s the festival in San Juan. I have never experienced that but seeing your photos I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed the festival.

  4. Jen Yang says:

    This is a fun way to beat the summer heat! Super love the costumes most the specially the ones with overwhelming amount of seashells on costume. 😉 More festivities and local events should be featured by Filipino blogger. “Love your own!” Great article, it made me feel like I was in the water splashing festivities haha 😀

  5. Looks like a fun festival. It was my first time to hear about this festival. I also seen on TV that longest sprinkler installed in the country and was curious about it. Great festival!

  6. Jessica says:

    I once attended in San Juan city three years ago. It was as fun as this regada water festival! 🙂 Perfect for family bonding too. 🙂

  7. Erik says:

    Whoah! This is cool man! Didn’t know about this kind of festival. Seems enjoyable!

  8. Lee Rosales says:

    Never experienced this kind of festival. Looks really fun and everyone is enjoying

  9. Charm Gamboa says:

    This festival looks fun! Is this the same as the one in San Juan City? Anyway I just hope they don’t waste water too much to in having fun and celebrating.

  10. erwin who says:

    would be nice to be in that kind of bliss, not caring if I get wet. Truly happy fiesta, removes the worries away

  11. theresa says:

    We have that festival here in Apalit but I dont know how they call it! Looks really fun.

  12. theresa says:

    We have that festival here in Apalit but I dont know how they call it! Looks really fun.

  13. Cool! They really spent a lot of effort in those costumes. Been so long since I played with water gun, I hope there’s a similar festival in our place.

  14. Nicole P says:

    Wow! Costumes are pretty amazing! So much so that I’m now thinking of creating a ‘waterproof’ makeup tutorial because of your post. hahaha! Also, I didn’t know that this type of festival is also held in Cavite. The other water festival I got to enjoy is in Lucban Quezon.. 🙂

  15. Sonnie says:

    Activities like this not only attract tourists, it also creates a sense of belongingness, and enhances the culture of the community.

  16. Lester says:

    Awesome festival! This looks really fun. I wish we had this in our community. Great job not getting your camera soaked haha

  17. stevevhan says:

    Hell yeah to maria O. hahahahhaha. I just noticed that estradas are into water festivities, may brlliante ba sila ng tubig? hahahhahha, taga adamya ba sila?

    cool photos, halatang nag enjoy ang lehet!

  18. Carola says:

    I was wondering what to imagine when hearing ‘water festival’. It sure sounds nice. People dressed up awesome! And I love the sound of water sprinklers and water splashing activities . If this would be nearby, I’d definitely go!

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