Revisiting Last year’s Regada Water Festival

June is a very special month for Cavite City because this is the month when Regada Water Festival is being celebrated. It is actually a month long celebration but the main event is done every 24th of June to honor St John The Baptist. It is basically a yearly tradition that is often associated with several water festivities such as Street Dance Parade, Karakol of San Juan Bautista, several other games and contests and of course the “Basaan” where people splash water to anyone whether they are strangers or not. Last year’s Regada was a blast!
July 24 marks the most special part of the festival. It features the highly anticipated activities including “Basayawan” , the street dance parade lead by different delegations, schools, government institutions and universities. Each delegation has different presentation in which they wore unique costumes and carries huge and colorful decorative banners.
P6230099e_zpsa9853751 Last year’s theme follows a tagline “Masaya Na Naman To!” and it didn’t disappoint the Caviteños at all. This year, they follow a tageline saying “Basa Ba Kamo? E’ Di Wet” Here are the following schedule of activities for this year’s Regada!
The event coincide with the Feast of San Juan which follows a Karakol held the same day at 1o’clock . I also like to note that event follows certain rules. The “basaan” officially starts when you hear the siren from the Sangley Naval base. It is also a rule not to include food coloring in the water and not to use cold water as well.
P6230120e_zps98e0f26a The kids wearing costumes dancing on the Street parade.
P6230143e_zps203c9ff1 Hopefully this year’s Regada will be much better!

17 thoughts on “Revisiting Last year’s Regada Water Festival”

  1. [SK] says:

    i didn’t know there is a water festival besides the world famous Songkran in Thailand.. wow, looks like everyone is having fun there huh?? it’s another 10 days counting down to this year’s Regada Water Festival, are you excited?? hehe~~ :p

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yes, we have Water Festivals too.. Regada however is relatively new compare to another Water Festival in Batanggas but they are both celebrated on the same day

  2. Linda says:

    It looks like a great time and I love all the colours! 🙂

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      thanks Linda.. thanks for dropping by

  3. such a colorful event! looks so fun! Wish we have such parade over here! 🙂

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yes, so colorful and so wet too haha.. it’s not even an excuse whether you are going to work or school, people on the street will splash water on you hehe

  4. rochkirstin says:

    Whoa the street dance parade is celebrated by too many people. The event looked so fun especially for kids.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yes.. almost everyone had a blast last year. and hopefully this year will be much better

  5. The Regada is fun and enjoyable for the community. St. John the Baptist day…wet..wet..all the time.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yes.. it is super fun and one of the much awaited festivals here in Cavite

  6. Franc Ramon says:

    The regada festival looks so fun. I hope they do better this year.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      i do hope so Franc… mocha girls will be performing live so that’s really a good news to me haha just kidding

  7. mun says:

    What a colourful festival! Hope everyone have lots of fun this year too!

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      cheers ,.. i hope this will get better this year

  8. jojo vito says:

    festival like this is always fun. just make sure to bring waterproof camera 🙂

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      yup.. that is is must jojo… if you bring a non-water proof camera, it’s not going to be an excuse.. somebody will still splash water on you


    Im excited for this coming regada 2015
    Last year was so much fun. Here is the link on cavite city fb group TCCKK

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