Romi Garduce To Conquer The Seven Summits

PhotobucketRomi Graduce will be the first ever Filipino to conquer the Seven Highest Summits of the Seven Continents. The Seven summits include Mount Kilimanjaro (Highest peak of Africa) , Mount Aconcagua (South America) , Mount Everest (Asia), Mount Elbrus (Europe), Mount Denali (North America) , and  Mount Kosciuszko (Australia). And now, Romi is about to reach the highest peak of Antartica which is the well known “Vinson Massiff“, the fifth highest peak with 16,067 feet high. Romi Garduce will be the first Filipino to ever climbed the seven summits which is something that we should be very proud of. Garduce is accompanied by fellow UP mountaineer and environmentalist Levi Nayahangan in his final climb. Let us wish him all the best and we are very proud of you Romi Garduce!

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