Sagala 2012 : The Colorful Parade

Whooops! I almost forgot that I’m not yet done with my “Flores De Mayo” entries.  Again, one of the most popular event during Flores the mayo is the street pageant called “Sagala”

A Sagala is a religio-historical beauty pageant held in many cities, towns, and even in small communities throughout the Philippines during the month of May. One of the most colourful aspects of this festival, the pageant depicts the finding of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena, mother of Constantine the Great. Many movie and television personalities participate in the events and are featured in major sagala.” (source : Wikipedia)

As expected, many kids and teens participated in the event. It was indeed a colorful parade.

The parade started at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

It felt like you’re watching a group of people who will be attending a prom night.

Some wore funny gowns including this kid.

PhotobucketI think the red fluffy gown is too big for her … don’t you think? Hehe

PhotobucketIt’s so cute to see how they paired the kids too. Look at these kids wearing the same glossy golden yellow outfits. It’s truly an eye-catching one.


Some exerted more effort by making an improvised float for their kids. Remember what they did with my float too? haha (Check it here)

PhotobucketReyna Elena is the highlight of any Sagala. They used to invite a celebrity for this one .. However, I think they picked the wrong one this year!

PhotobucketI don’t think it is appropriate to invite “Mystika” to play the Reyna Elena. Come on! She’s a sexy singer, an old one and her image is not that good so how come they came up with this kind of crappy idea. I’m nothing against Mystika even though I don’t like her music, but I think they should have hired someone who is way younger than her.  Sigh.. what a disappointment on that part.

Generally, the event was fun and I am looking forward for a much exciting Sagala next year. Hopefully, we can convince Milzon to join hehe.

7 thoughts on “Sagala 2012 : The Colorful Parade”

  1. Rain Serinas says:

    hahaha. yeah, such an epic fail on the reyna elena. Other youngsters are good-looking though. ^_^

  2. [SK] says:

    haha, that's interesting.. instead of a pageant i think it looks more like a mardi-gras style carnival..

  3. [SK] says:

    but i enjoy looking at those cute little princesses, even that one you said she's weird with her red fluffy dress.. haha!! i think she's adorable and she has the courage~~ 😀

  4. [SK] says:

    so will there be a winner for that beauty pageant and who are the judges?? what will the winner become then??

  5. [SK] says:

    now idea who is Reyna Elena and Mystika, haha.. you should give a link of these to let the non filipino understand them more~~ :p

  6. [SK] says:

    BTW, did Milzon paired up with the little girl in the end?? hahaha~~

  7. Merryn says:

    Aiyo… some of the dresses are wearing the kids instead of the kids wearing them.

    It would be so cool if Milzon participate next year. He'll definitely look dashing!

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