Skillful Driving Part 2 – Keeping Emotions Under Control

This is the continuation of my “Skillful Driving” article. This time, let’s focus on how to control your emotions while driving. Emotions greatly affect your driving especially your temper which usually end up in a fight between you and other drivers.

  • The skilled driver keeps his temper under control, realizing that a thoughtless maneuver that causes other drivers to stop abruptly or swerve is seldom done on purpose, but usually is made by drivers who are distracted momentarily, and don’t see something they should have.
  • The skilled driver respects the fact that anger makes any driver a likely candidate for an accident – blind rage can cause a driver to be irrational, clumsy and unskilled.
  • The skilled driver avoids the driver who is out to show somebody  by staying in the background to keep an eye on him, rather than trying to outrun him.
  • The skilled driver signals the slow, hesitant driver by flashing his red light or giving a light beep of a horn ( not a loud long blast that may startle or infuriate the driver ahead and keep him from doing what he should do – he may become angry and even speed up every time someone tries to pass him.)
  • The skilled driver stays tolerantly behind the slow driver, who ignores the message to move at normal traffic speed, until there is clearing opening to pass.

(my third post about Skillful driving is next)

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