Skillful Driving Part 3 – Right Timing

Here’s my third post about Skillful driving. A skilled driver knows what the right timing is and so as the do’s and don’ts in driving.


  • Drive at a steady speed that coincides with the timing of traffic lights- good timing gets you to your destination with the least trouble.
  • Enter an expressway at the exact rate cars on the expressway are traveling.
  • Avoid peak traffic periods by timing your departure just right – by leaving a few minutes early or late, it is possible to miss a mass of inbound traffic or outbound traffic.


  • Take time to rest – a tired or sleepy driver’s timing is always off – if tired, take a rest or break – if sleepy, stay awake by turning up the radio, letting in the fresh air, chewing gum, singing.
  • Abandon this principle of good timing simply because it may have limitations in heavy traffic or on urban expressways.
  • Brake or slow down on  entering expressway, causing followers to slowdown while you attempt to accelerate.
  • Wait until just minutes before an important appointment to get your car road-ready.
  • Wait until a “close call” jolts you wide awake and emphasizes the need for precaution. A closer call may leave you permanently asleep. ^_^

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